Yoga in Queensmill

    Yoga is growing in popularity as a complementary therapy for children with special needs and autism and at Queensmill complements the part occupational therapy programme. We have a qualified yoga teacher who runs daily sessions tailored to meet all needs and abilities. Classes are held in small groups or 1:1 therapeutic sessions. We believe that yoga helps our children regulate themselves which in turn can only help them reach their full potential and find moments of peace and stillness.

    Our yoga contains movement, breathing exercises, elements of mindfulness, relaxation, deep pressure massage, singing and rhythm, yoga games and partner yoga.  Sessions are held in low arousal environments and supported by dimmed lights, calm music, yoga props (e. g. lavender eye pillows, bolsters, blocks)

    Why Queensmill loves yoga:

    Yoga is an ancient practice of mind, body and spirit. Many scientific studies confirm that practising yoga improves the quality of life and wellbeing.  Children and young people with autism often struggle with high levels of anxiety and get stuck in a ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response. Yoga helps to get out of that stressful state and creates optimum possibilities for a positive change.  

    Specific benefits include:

    • Yoga provides sensory integration, reduces anxiety and stress.
    • Developing the ability to self-regulate across environments and demands.
    • Yoga facilitates body awareness and motor skills.
    • Developing balance and the ability to relax and release tension, fear and frustration.
    • Enhanced respiratory ability and capacity.
    • Improved quality and quantity of sleep.
    • Yoga gently stretches and strengthens the muscles.
    • Yoga helps with concentration, balance and coordination
    • yoga poses stimulate the gastro-intestinal tract for better digestion and elimination.
    • Yoga encourages social interaction, improves self-confidence.

    This is some of the feedback we have receieved from Queensmill staff and other collaborators working with our students.

    Yoga sessions were especially useful for Yaseen as through the use of yoga Yaseen was able to achieve a calm-alert state. The yoga sessions have also had a social impact on Yaseen as he has been helping his peers to achieve their poses

    Teacher Mars Class.

    Jakov can be an anxious child. He benefits from a predictable routine. Yoga helps him to relax. He appears to like the fact that there is a consistent pattern to each session. By knowing what to expect he is able to participate and relax. The relaxing nature of the exercises is a huge help

    Teaching Assistant Mars Class.

    We really enjoyed working with Aga on a yoga session with the young people at Queensmill school.  The ambient soundscapes and music we created were perfectly balanced with Aga's relaxed session and it was a real pleasure to work with her. I hope we get the chance to work together again soon

    Kerry Nixon Art Coordinator, Realtime Arts.