"Signalong’ is a key word sign-supported communication system based on British sign language and is used in spoken word order. It uses speech, sign, body language, facial expression and voice tone to reference the link between sign and word.’

    Over the past few years, Queensmill School has gradually transitioned to Signalong as our sign supported communication system as we believe that it provides us with a more extensive vocabulary which is relevant to the pupils’ needs.

    As many of the signs are based on Makaton and British Sign Language, we hope that pupils with prior knowledge of Makaton will be able to build upon their familiar sign vocabulary.

    We now have six qualified Signalong tutors who deliver training to all staff and lead workshops to support our parents, carers and other professionals in using Signalong at home and in the community. Signalong is used across the school throughout the day to give pupils the opportunity to widen their communication skills.

    If you are interested in learning more about Signalong, please check the calendar for the upcoming Parent/Carer Signalong workshops.