Curriculum & Assessment

    Assessment Summary

    At Queensmill formative and summative assessment is a key part of our educational provision. It is used to inform teaching and learning and to ensure progression for young people and the development of functional and vocational skills which prepare them for life after school. The journey of preparing for life after school starts from the entry point in Early Years through to completion in our Post-19 provision. A range of assessment tools and data are used and collected across this wide demographic, detailed in the table below:

    EHCP outcomes and objectives
    My Learning
    (National Curriculum and teacher assessments)  
    My Autism (SCERTS and teacher assessments)
    KS4/KS5 ASDAN, Entry level certificates, BTECs, GCSEs PFA (Preparation for Adulthood) Progression Map Early Years Foundation Stage Profile KS1 & KS2 Pre-Level Baselines ProLoQuo2Go and PECS App PECS Behaviour support plans Occupational Therapy assessments Speech & Language Therapy assessments

    The three key elements of assessment at Queensmill are progression and achievement of EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan) outcomes and objectives and progression with targets set within ‘My Learning’ and ‘My Autism’, for more information on these click on the relevant tabs in the menu.

    Information on whole school progression and achievement can be found via the links below.

    Link to detailed assessment report Link to KS2 data reportLink to KS4 data reportLink to diminishing the difference report