Message from the Head

    We understand that autism is varied and complex and as such, we are always seeking the most effective ways to support and engage children whether their autism is considered moderate or severe. Staff are highly trained in a range of interventions to enable each child to progress. We know that managing autism requires an environment that is structured, sensitive and thoroughly adapted and we invest heavily in our staff in so that they are equipped well enough to enable each child to achieve, whatever their starting point.

    When children make progress at Queensmill, we are keen to not only celebrate their success but provide them with further opportunities to succeed. Attached to our main site at Askham Road, are three units for children who have made rapid and sustained progress. We have a primary unit at Fulham Primary school, a secondary boys unit at Fulham College boys and in September of 2015, opened a small secondary girls unit at Fulham Cross Girl's school. These partnerships with mainstream schools enable children to access learning with the help of bespoke programmes carefully adapted to enable them to achieve the very best of their potential.

    While we have great faith in the way that we work with children on the autistic spectrum, we are always seeking new ways to improve life chances. We are committed to research and engage frequently with programmes exploring a wide range of topics. We work very closely too, with parents and carers, offering comprehensive support so that they are also equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to help their child achieve. We know that children at Queensmill are happy and safe. They learn with the support of adults who are flexible, attentive and committed. They are supported by speech and language and occupational therapists who offer additional expertise, using specialised resources, so that children and parents manage the complexities of autism as well as they can, to achieve the very best.

    Freddie Adu