Message from the Head

    Queensmill is a well-established autism specific school and I am very grateful being the Head of such an organisation. Although the school’s primary mission is to educate a large and mixed cohort of autistic children and young people in order to offer them the best outcome possible, Queensmill is more than a school.

    At Queensmill, although we acknowledge the complex needs which are associated with autism, we  celebrate our pupils’ differences and uniqueness. We put our children and young people at the centre of our practice. We believe that when autistic children and young people are supported to develop skills in social communication and in sensory/ emotional regulation, they will flourish in other aspects of their life and education.

    Our overall practice is Research informed, eclectic and we put an emphasis on wellbeing. A range of autism specific approaches are embedded in our daily practice. We include the autistic voice through including our pupils’ views in many aspects of school’s life (e.g. school council) but also through collaboration with the autistic community. Our curriculum, which follows National and Statutory requirements, is individualised to each student and includes a range of extra-curriculum activities. We are also committed to offering extensive training to staff and parents ensuring that our practice is evidenced informed.

    We are also committed to a multi-professional approach around the child or young person. The team includes class staff, in-house school therapists, parents and external professionals such as social and key workers. Parents are experts in their child, others are experts in autism.

    In order to offer the best outcomes for our varied cohort of students, we provide different pathways. In addition to our main site in Shepherd’s Bush we have a Primary Resource Base at Fulham Primary School and a Secondary Resource Base at Fulham Cross Academy. We also have a Queensmill College which includes Q6 and Project Search. We are also building partnerships within our community to promote inclusion and offer work experiences opportunities for our students through our Q-Inclusive Award and our Creative Arts projects.

    Aymeline Bel