Queensmill Outreach Services

    A well-resourced outreach service comprising two senior staff, one for the primary and one for the secondary sector, and some admin support. The outreach service offers help and support to staff in mainstream schools, as well as access to a comprehensive training programme run in Queensmill School or in situ if the mainstream school requests it.

    Queensmill Outreach Service supports both mainstream primary and secondary schools manage students with autism. The service operates predominantly in Hammersmith and Fulham however support is available under tri-borough arrangements for Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster schools.

    Support includes:

    • Training and support for staff in understanding autism
    • Observation and evaluation of students and their ability to learn in specific learning environments
    • Guidance in preparing for and delivering lessons to pupils with ASD
    • Guidance in creating an appropriate physical environment within a classroom or within the school for children with ASD
    • Liaison with parents/carers and outside agencies to promote inclusion and support for pupils with ASD
    • Talking to mainstream pupils to help them to understand the needs of their peers who have ASDs
    • Parents’ support groups in mainstream schools
    • Access to additional training and resources within Queensmill School

    The service is committed to enabling children with autism learn successfully in a setting that at times can be very challenging and confusing for them. The aim is to work alongside staff and pupils to organise interventions that help these particular children to progress and overcome issues that are barriers to learning.

    For more information on our outreach offer please click on the link below: