Fulham Cross Girls

    Queensmill @ Fulham Cross Girls

    Fulham Cross Girls School have worked in partnership with Queensmill School to provide specialist education for children with autism within a secondary mainstream setting. In September 2015 the Queensmill Unit opened in Fulham Cross and it has been a huge success. It is currently a small class of year 7 pupils with a diagnosis of autism, and it will continue to grow in size every year. The pupils in this unit benefit from a range or autism-friendly strategies that are embedded within Queensmill's approach, whilst also accessing a variety of mainstream lessons lead by Fulham Cross teachers who are specialist within their subject. 

    Pupils learn to become more independent learners within a mainstream setting with the support of structured routines and activities throughout the school day. These are clearly presented to pupils at their level of reading and understanding, using visual learning supports where it is beneficial to the learner. 

    Within our Queensmill classroom, which is situated in the design block at FCGS, we provide a low arousal learning environment to enable pupils to focus and progress. Pupils access some of their lessons within this classroom where we provide differentiated teaching and learning across all curriculum areas to meet the needs of individual children.

    Pupils gain access to individualised sensory integration programs, helping them to independently achieve a calm and alert state throughout the school day. They have regular sessions with a Speech and Language Therapist, class teachers are also advised by an Occupational Therapist. This multi-disciplinary approach provides a rich and varied curriculum for pupils within the unit and provides opportunities for students to focus on learning a range of independent skills. Pupils also have the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular lessons such as gardening and yoga.

    There is a high adult: child ratio to encourage pupils to make high levels of progress and to support individuals within mainstream inclusion lessons. We have a brilliant partnership between the Queensmill unit staff and the Fulham Cross teachers which has enabled pupils to feel prepared and supported throughout all learning experiences. The amount of mainstream inclusion that is accessed in individual for each pupil, depending on their interests, ability and learning style