Sensory Strategies & Emotional Regulation

    Sensory Strategies & Emotional Regulation

    As the Occupational Therapy (OT) Team, we hope to be able to continue to offer you support and advice during this time. However, due to staffing, time and safety limitations, we are offering an altered service. As a result, your child’s previous allocated Occupational Therapist may not be available over this period. All advice given will be universal and to the best of our ability, but as we may not know your child, we will not be able to target their specific needs. Where your child’s therapist is available, your concerns or questions will be directed to them, although there may be a delay in their reply, so please be patient. 

    Alternatively, you can contact the team directly through the school switch board (0208 740 8112) or via the email:

    Claire Brundle (Resource Bases)

    Ellie Lawley (Secondary)

    Anna Jay (Early Years)

    Joe Foster (Primary)

    Morgan Sebode

    During this time, we will be posting OT related information, demonstration videos and resources via Firefly Online Learning Platform, under ‘home learning’. You will be updated as to how to access this platform when it becomes available. 

    Please see below for resources sharing information and ideas of activities that you can do at home with your child.